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Keyboard foils

Keyboard foils differ in their requirements from design foils and front foils. Keyboard foils are functional foils that fulfill an additional function besides their visual appearance. They must withstand a multitude of key movements. Often, keyboard foils are equipped with cushion or frame embossing. For optimal finger guidance, we recommend Riebl-Color-Relief (RCR). Riebl Siebdruck uses only high-quality adhesives and polyester materials for its keyboard foils.

Keyboard foil technology

  • RIEBL-Color-Relief
  • RIEBL-Color-Struc
  • Embossed foils
  • Foil on carrier plate
  • Changeable text insertion technology 
  • Adhesive technology 
  • Reinforced display windows

Further processing

Of course, we also offer complete further processing. With our modern laser cutting systems, we shape the films. We handle the assembly of modules and produce complete keyboard packages. From design to the finished product, we are happy to accompany you.

Prototype manufacturing

We manufacture initial samples and small series using the hybrid process, according to the latest state of the art. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the product or prototypes.

And much more...

Tastaturfolie auf ABS verklebt

Keyboard foil bonded to ABS

Keyboard foil with night vision design

Keyboard foil (RCR) with housing

Keyboard foil