Embossed keyboard foils

Riebl-Siebdruck offers a wide range of products with embossing using cushion and frame techniques. The embossing of the foil serves as a finger guide and reduces the force required when pressing a short-stroke key or a metal dome. The embossing also affects the visual appearance of the foil surface. The foil embossing is created using a matrix and punch tool under the influence of heat.

Riebl-Color-Relief, the alternative to embossing

Whenever haptics are required and you prefer finger guidance, Riebl-Siebdruck offers you a high-quality alternative to embossing with its in-house developed Riebl-Color-Relief.


In addition to embossed keyboard foils, we manufacture a range of technical and graphic products that are produced or enhanced using hot forming techniques.

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Embossed keyboard foil adhered to housing

Embossed keyboard foil

Embossed keyboard foil

Polished surface