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3D lettering / 3D logos / Plastidomes

Customizable three-dimensional logos and letterings complement our portfolio and set us apart as a system supplier. Tooling costs are minimal or non-existent. With our excellent surface expertise and printing competence, we achieve unique effects that enhance the tactile and three-dimensional appearance of products. The right advice and selection of suitable adhesive systems ensure optimal adhesion, even on challenging surfaces. Letterings and logos are delivered with transfer adhesive tape, ready for application.

Acrylic Lettering
Digitally cut letterings suitable for smaller to medium quantities. Various finishing options and equipped for easy application.

Embossed Signage
Through a special foil embossing technique, we create three-dimensional logos and letterings. The letterings are weather-resistant and can be produced in multiple colors. Various finishing options and equipped for easy application.

Riebl’s Plastidome is a special coating applied fully or partially to printed labels. The 3D effect can be further enhanced through foil embossing. Download the Plastidome information sheet here…

And much more...

  • From the design to the finished product - everything from one source
  • High technical expertise
  • Friendly, personal interaction with the customer
  • Short delivery, inquiry, and response times
  • Cost reduction programs to ensure competitiveness
  • The Riebl process standard ensures consistently high product quality